AMPLIGO offers new solution for pest control in forage brassicas 

AMPLIGO is a new broad spectrum insecticide from Syngenta specifically designed for use in forage brassica crops.

AMPLIGO contains new chemistry, with a new mode of action for fast-acting and long-lasting control of leaf miner, aphids, nysius and the caterpillars of white butterfly, diamondback moth (including SP/OP resistant diamondback moth) and soybean looper. This makes it highly suitable for use in forage brassica crops such as fodder radish, kale, rape, swedes and turnips.


Applied at just 100 mL/ha (plus non-ionic wetting agent), pests become paralysed and stop feeding almost immediately after they come into contact with AMPLIGO and are dead within 4 days. In addition, AMPLIGO has ovi-larvicidal activity, so caterpillars can ingest a lethal dose when they hatch from the egg and die before they can damage the crop.